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Withdraw Bitcoin to Credit Card

When it comes to bitcoins, so many people think it’s just a currency that can be only used online. Very few people actually know that it is quite fluid, and can be exchanged, withdrawn, and used anywhere and at any time. Also, although a lot of stores now accept bitcoins as a method of payment, so many still prefer the use of Credit Cards to make purchases. If you find yourself in a physical store or online store that does not accept Bitcoins and you need to purchase their goods or services, you can quickly withdraw your bitcoins to credit card instantly, and carry on with your transaction.
The two options available are; Get a secure and trusted exchanger such as to withdraw the bitcoins to credit card directly. To do this you will have to provide the wallet address of your Bitcoin, the amount of bitcoins you want to exchange, and the credit card you want to withdraw it into. You would not be asked to carry out any verification, this is fully anonymous process. Transfer your bitcoins to your local bank account either directly or indirectly via Paypal etc. using a certified exchanger such as Then link your credit card to be funded by your local bank account.
An other option is to apply and order for a Bitcoin credit card such as Exkash Bitcoin Card, then fund the card with bitcoins from your Bitcoin wallet.

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